chemistry for life




Assalamualaikum wr. Wb

Good morning and best wishes to all of us. Thank God we pray Allah SWT because of His blessings and guidance so that we are still given health and opportunity to be gathered in this simple place. And do not forget we also send shalawat to the Prophet Muhammad, the prophet who has brought us from the age of ignorance to the knowledge able days of knowledge as it is today. On this occasion allow me to deliver a short speech entitled “chemistry for life”.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the structure, structure, properties, and changes of matter. Chemistry covers topics such as the properties of atoms, the way atoms form chemical bonds to produce chemical compounds, the interaction of substances through intermolecular forces that produce the common properties of matter, and the interactions between substances through chemical reactions to form substances different. Chemistry is sometimes referred to as central science because it bridges the natural sciences, including physics, geology, and biology.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In everyday life, we often use various chemicals. From the start of the food we eat, the colorant, the preservatives, to the wrapping of the products have been using chemicals. Most of the people are unaware of the dangers of these chemicals, the chemicals that are widely used in everyday life do not have direct and immediate consequences, but take a long time.

As the times and Science and Technology develop, more and more industries are producing manufactured goods to meet our needs. Starting from detergent, soap, shampoo, bleach, fragrance ingredients, insect repellent to foodstuffs and cooking spices that we consume, almost all of which are industrial chemicals. Among these chemicals are harmful or toxic, therefore it is important to know the type, properties, usefulness, and dangers of any chemicals we use at home.

We may know that polymers are a class of chemicals that are widely used in our daily life as well as in industry. Polymers include plastics, rubber, fibers, and nylon. Some important compounds in the body of living things, namely carbohydrates (polysaccharides), proteins, and nucleic acids, are also polymers. Various pollution around us is the result of various chemicals we use, from air pollution caused by various gases that cause pollution, the various fertilizers used by our farmers also cause soil pollution. We as human beings have a duty to preserve nature. We must be able to utilize nature with balance so as not to damage the nature.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We need to know everything that is related to chemistry, because chemistry is always closely related in our daily lives. Various kinds of chemical products we have used in every day. Starting from cleaning, fragrance, to anti mosquito. These products we need for our health and comfort. Just imagine if you shower without using bath soap or brushing your teeth without using toothpaste! Certainly not comfortable, is it?

Therefore, we all need to know the benefits and dangers of the use of chemicals. Chemical not only gives positive effect but also gives negative effect. We must be sensitive to our health and the environment around usage of chemicals. Chemistry is not a science that damages health and the environment, but also as a useful science in petrifying our daily activities of life if we are right in the processing of chemistry.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Such is the speech I can on this occasion, hopefully we can all extract the essence of the discussion. If there is a word that is less pleased to attend the audience I apologize.

Finally, I thank you.

Business in Future

Business in the future

Welcome to my blog here I will write down my desire to do business or invest in the future, may be useful for those who read it. I really want to create a restaurant business that sells various food dishes, because this suits my hobby that likes to culinary tour. I am very happy to taste a variety of typical dishes of the archipelago. I also like this cooking makes me more and more want to make my own restaurant. Making a restaurant is not only delicious and delicious cuisine but the concept of a restaurant should be like a five star hotel by making visitors feel comfortable and happy. Service is also very important because if consumers are happy with the service we provide then visitors would want to go back again to eat restaurant. And most important is the taste of cuisine that is the key to a restaurant success because of this cuisine consumers are satisfied with what they pay. The money they spend in accordance with what they get from the dishes they eat. In business there is no word surrender because in the business we will definitely face the trouble, we must be good at competing with other restaurants and create a variety of innovations so that pengujung not feel bored.

Hasil gambar untuk foto restoran termewah
It is my business plan in the future, hopefully this business that I planned this become a reality in the future. Hopefully my blog can motivate you who read it. Thanks for visiting my blog …

Tutorial Documentation

Tutorial documentation: how to download game apps in playstore.

There are still many people who do not know how to install android app from playstore (formerly called android market). Therefore in this article I will teach you more details.


1) make sure you connect internet kejaringan

Before you begin, make sure you first connect to the internet. Can be through the telephone network or can also via wi-fi. For how the setting can read the article: how android internet settings click here.


2) Open the playstore app

From the list of apps, locate and then click the app store play, appliknya icon as shown below:


  1. Create a Google account

After clicking the Play Store app, you will be given the option to create a Google account or enter an existing Google Account. The Google account is a Google product account like Youtube, Gmail, Google+, etc.

3.1 If you already have a Google Account, click “Existing”> Enter your email address and Password then click next (arrow button on bottom right)

3.2 If you do not have a Google account, click “New / New”

3.2.1 After that enter your first name in the “First / First” column and enter your last name in the “Last / Back” column, then click the arrow button on the bottom right.

3.2.2. Write the Google account name (email address) you want then click the arrow in the bottom right> wait a moment

If it says ‘The username is not available’, it means that the email address has been used by someone else, you have to choose another name or click on “touch for suggestions” and select a name Which is suggested> then click “Try Again / Try Again”



3.2.3. Enter the Password / password you want (choose your own) in the password / Password field, repeat the same password in the “ReType password” field (to make sure you do not type Password), then click the arrow in the bottom right (Next).

3.2.4. You will be asked to enter a useful Recovery Information when you forget your email password. Click “Choose a security question” and select one of the Existing questions, for example: “First phone number?” (First phone number?). Then fill in your first phone number in the “Answer / Answer” field. In the “recovery email address” section filled out by your other email address, but if you do not have it empty. Then click the down right arrow


3.2.5. Click “Join Google + / Join Google+” if you want to sign up for Google+ or click “Not Now / not now” to skip it. After that click the right button down until finished.

3.2.6. When the captcha appears (see picture below), retype the text that appears as shown


In the example above, the picture shows the words “byeli” and we have to retype it below. Then click next (arrow on bottom right)

3.2.7. Wait until your account is finished

3.2.8. If you plan to make a purchase on the Play Store using a credit card> click Set Up Credit Card> then follow the steps shown on the screen. If you do not have a credit card or do not want to enter credit card data, click “Not Now / Not now”

  1. Download apps or games from the Play Store

Once you’ve finished creating your account, you can now instantly download apps or games through the Play Store.

Example: You want to download games, then all you have to do is click the category “Games” / Game> wait for loading some time, after that you can slide the screen to the right or left to find the game you want. Free Game / Games application there is also a paid. If the free writing there is “free” / Free, if a paid writing price.

Click on the game you want to install, then click “Install / Install”> after that just wait until finished.


visit to expo education in auditorium untan


  1. Amcor. On display are the books in English, overseas novels and games The uniqueness of exciting doodle-pen is in can try by visitors.
  2. chemical department. In the showcase there is a buyable soap flowers and brumsateul made from essential oils and water. The uniqueness of the visitors can be found in the stand table.
  3. UPT Language. Exhibited books about Toefl, Tutep and ITP tests. The uniqueness of the visitors can be tested directly to the free by booth and if won will get a door prize. 4.Fkip. Who d appear on this stand in the form of creative work of college students orange. Unique of this stand is a can of blood type test and tension directly in place and free. 5. Library. Provide various collections of books. Start from fiction to ilmu.dam unique all thesis d save from all faculty in untan since untan standing.
  4. P3AI.yang in the show off is memorial activities P3AI. The uniqueness is not much who knows about this institution but in the role is big enough for majoring progress in Untan.
  5. French Tavern. Provided a variety of knick knacks typical french, free photos. Unikannya is can play gamebabyroot

8.Bclc. Tips can be passed around the IELTS test. The uniqueness if we write comments on pen a prize.

  1. Forestry BEM. Who d show off in the form of ethnic goods that have a sublime value of deep art. Its uniqueness is a collection of eagle books that have long been kept.
  2. History. Provided various results works student prodi using used goods and many games. The uniqueness of the miniature of Borobudur temple is made from paper


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Happy reading ….

Dear Diary,

Some days my college schedule is very solid. Every day there are always duties deari lecturer, not to mention there are three reports that I have never done. I feel like I’m facing a heavy trial on my shoulders, even while I’m at rest I’m still doing my tasks and reports. Not only that organizational activity from campus came as a barrier to not doing my duties and reports. I thought the lecture was like on television that it was just college and there was no duty or report, but it did not match what I was thinking. But it’s all my fault who likes to do my tasks and reports. I think I want to give up but I will be a successful person to boast both my parents. I do not want to be like this anymore, if I like this I am afraid my college will be disturbed. I had to change by running the duty on time and not late. I have to be disciplined in doing so. This torture is probably one of the gods of God’s test and I believe, from my test will be a strong and responsible person.

For those of you who read my blog I hope you do not like me who likes to do tasks and reports. Finally my lecture became disturbed. Hope this can be useful for those who read ….

Thanks ….

The Meeting Before The Final Exam




  1. What is speech ?
  2. What are the aspek in spech and we must do before delivering the speech?
  3. Mantion the topic of the speech ?



1. Speech is the voalized form of communication used by humans. Wich is based upon the syintatic combination of items drawn form the lexicion. Speech is communication through talking or a talk given to an audiene.

2. Over matter, attractive,  make short, solid and clear speeches, proper information and facial expression, using a reasionable gesture, avoid tension, use good language, hands glued to the text.

3.  Tegar Muhammad Taufik     :      Chemistry of Life

Riana Sagita Putri            :         Juvenite Delingueny

Kurnia Dewi                     :         Eduation  in Indonesia

Evi Melianti                     :         Go Green.

ask an expert : ask my aunt about how to be a teacher kindergarten

My aunt’s name is Azimah Mas Muhammad. Now, she works as a teacher in kindergarten. He is a teacher who teaches children who are just starting school. He is an expert in early childhood parenting. That is the reason why I chose him to have this interview with him and I think he is the expert.



Me: Assallammualaikum aunt, whether aunt got a minute? because I want to interview aunt for my english assignment.


Aunt: ohh .. yes may Tough, aunt also again not busy. Indeed toughened aunt want to interview about what?


Me: I want to interview about the skills aunt had that as educators kindergarten.


Aunt: ohh .. yes please Tough ask.


Me: aunt, how long the child’s aunt became a teacher  of  kindergarten?


Aunt: approximately 20 years.


Me: Why aunt chose to become a teacher kindergarten?


Aunt: Because aunt liked by children.


Me: Why aunt did not choose to be a teacher elementary school, the same thing also educate children?


Aunt: because the world’s aunt early age children can be fun, and become educators kindergarten can make us happy, cheerful and seeing our children may be the most honest, according aunt.


Me: is there any difficulty in educating children early childhood?


Aunt: the difficulty is certainly there but more joy, even though it is more troubled hearts that see their children a funny sense of dismay definitely missing.


Me: ohh .. so as it feels like to be a teacher yes aunt


Aunt: Tough yes, being a teacher is very difficult because we have to regulate emotions, let alone teach children who still do not understand to manage their emotions, but the aunt that was a challenge. No other bliss exceeded when seeing them grow up to be successful and Hereafter.


Me: so that was the reason aunt chose to be educators kindergarten, then I’ve understood now. Well I think enough bi interview because my answer has been fulfilled. Then I leave home so aunt, thank you so much aunt.


It is my interview with my aunt who is a kindergarten teacher educators. From the interview I mentioned above I conclude that being a teacher takes sacrifice because we have to control our emotions and needed more patience so that the creation of children who are intelligent, creative and independently.


Thank you for reading my blog posts, I’ll see you at the next post …

I can not imagine living without electricity

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Again I wrote the story in my blog about my story that can not live without electricity. have you ever imagine your life without electricity? What would happen if the earth was no discovery of electricity? Sure creatures on earth would be difficult to undergo daily activities. Electricity is a series of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charge. Electrical effects known causes, such as lightning, static electricity, electromagnetic induction and electric current. electrical inventor named Michael Faraday thanks to these findings, he later dubbed the ‘Father Power. Michael Faraday was known as a scientist who learned many things. Humans in their daily lives are constantly using electricity and not just humans that use electricity but also animals and plants require electricity for life. including me who can not live without electricity. Without electricity I might not be able to learn, without electricity I will not be able to use the means of communication, no electricity may no scientist has invented machines such as mobile phones, laptops, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, and robots. I always use the electricity in my everyday life. Imagine if in this world there is no electrical activity maybe my life will not go well not only me, but life would be difficult. almost all of the tools that exist on earth always has something to do with electricity. we should be grateful and say thank you to Michael Faraday of electricity has created for us. We do not need to give Michael Faraday money or diamonds but we just had to appreciate the inventions using electricity as per our requirement.Thank you for reading my blog post about me you can not live without electricity.